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TECHTONGDA Laboratory Chiller Circulator 6L Chiller Water Bath Recirculating Water Cooling Chiller Lab Low Temperature Cooling Liquid Circulator Pump Chiller with Transformer 110V/220V -5℃-100℃



  • LCD Display: This laboratory chiller circulator has intelligent instrument control, which easy to operate and of high temperature stability. Working table and inner liner are made of 304 stainless steel, easy to clean and corrosion resistant.
  • Cooling System: The cooling chiller circulation system consists of internal and external circulation. The circulating pump adds a cooling fan, which is more durable and prolongs the service life.The machine shell is added with integrated cooling holes.
  • 110V Transformer: There is a transformer involved in this item, 110V to 220V, so you can connect with power supply directlyture Cooling Liquid Circulator 6L. The refrigeration system has over-heating and over-current multiple protective function.
  • Drain Valve: The refrigerated water chiller adopts an Invisible drain valve design, clean appearance, more convenient drain. It doesn't take up the space around the machine. It is made of pure copper and has a long service life.
  • High Performance: Stainless steel baffle is used in the constant temperature bath, so the temperature in the bath is more stable and even. The size of the opening in the groove is increased, and the operable space is increased.Temperature sensitive, provide the accuracy of temperature control.
  • Wide Application: Widely used in biological engineering, medicine, food, chemical industry, metallurgy, chemical analysis, oil and other fields, provide a high precision, controlled, uniform temperature constant field source for the user, is the large, medium and small research, colleges and universities, factory laboratories, quality inspection departments ideal thermostat.
  • It provides a field source with controlled heat and cold and uniform temperature for users to conduct constant temperature test or test on test samples or produced products.
  • It can also be used as heat or cold source for direct heating or cooling and auxiliary heating or cooling.
  • The water inlet is connected with the water outlet to realize internal circulation. The second constant temperature field can be established by connecting equipment between water inlet and water outle

TECHTONGDA Laboratory Chiller Circulator 6L Chiller

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