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  • 【PRP Gel Preparing Machine】PRP PPP gel heating machine is the best design product with microprocessor control. It can be widely used in sample preservation and reaction, PRP gel preparation, DNA amplification, electrophoresis pre-denaturation and serum coagulation, etc.
  • 【Good Effect】The gel made with this instrument takes effect immediately. Mix the activated PRP and the prepared gel using a transfer device to form a new gel shape. Adding activated PRP to the gel extends shelf life and increases growth factors to promote skin tissue regeneration.
  • 【Real-Time Temperature Display】Time countdown display, automatic fault detection and buzzer alarm function, temperature deviation calibration function, built-in over-temperature protection device.
  • 【Multiple Protections】Optional power-off automatic recovery function, automatic start-up operation function, improve work efficiency, intelligent algorithm, ensure the temperature control accuracy of the entire process range ≤ +03 ℃, effectively reduce experimental errors.
  • 【Easy Module Replacement】Easy to clean and disinfect, beautiful appearance, blue LCD display, instant parameter information. PPP gel can be used for wrinkle removal, skin optimization, deep anti-aging, lightening pigment, safe anti-allergic agent, etc. to achieve the best cosmetic effect.


How to make plasma gel:
1. Use a PRP centrifuge to separate the PRP tubes.
2. Use the syringe to withdraw the PPP/PRP from the tube.
3. Put the syringe into our glue machine. In China, it is generally set at 70 degrees, and this temperature is enough for 10 to 15 minutes. You can adjust the temperature and time according to your desired softness.
4. The gel is ready to use.

>>Temperature setting range: 0℃~100℃
>>Temperature control range: room temperature +5℃~100℃
>>Time setting: 1min~99h59min/c
>> Temperature control accuracy: ≤±0.3℃*
>> Display accuracy: 0.1°C
>>Temperature uniformity: ≤±0.3℃*
>>Heating time: ≤12 minutes (25°C to 100°C)
>>Multi-point operation: support (up to 5 points)
>>Multi-point cycle operation: support (maximum cycle times 99)
>>Automatic preheating: support
>>Automatic operation at startup: support
>>Automatic recovery after power failure: support
>> Input power: 150W
>>Power supply: AC110CV-220V/50-60HZ
>>Fuse: 250V 3AФ5×20
>>Packing size: 41x31x31cm(16x12x12inch)
>>Gross weight: 3.5kg

Module options:
Serial Number/Specification
A21 (blue): 8*5ml+4*10ml
A22 (blue): 12*5ml
A23 (blue): 12*10ml

Package included:
Heating gel machine*1
Power adapter*1

1.The machine is only heating, no cooling function.
2. Prp tube is to separate first, after the separation of good use of syringes to extract the top kind of yellow, and then put the syringe into the machine to heat the gel. (this is a heating machine is not a separation machine,separation requires a separate machine, first separated and then heated.

Sayoc Gel Heating Machine PRP PPP Gel Maker Instrument

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